1.  Ad Copy & Dispersion Method
 - We review and power up your ad
 - Place ad where results are pouring in

  • Ads "No Fail" Ad Attraction Sequence finds the secret rule breakers who can't be the first one out at night
  • Zip Ad Sales Extract - Flirt with the studs, ignore the duds
  • Spot the losers before they become CANCER in your sales department

 “I was frustrated. There HAD to be a better way to hire good salespeople. Then I found Advanced Hiring System!”

Ryan Felps

3.  FST Intelligence Interview Process
 - Exact custom script for you
 - Grading system to find the real stars

  • Fact Filter Interview - literally dissolves the BS and gets to the FACTS.
  • Scrub Filter Interview - scrubs away the big talkers from the studs
  • Truth Extraction Interview - finds the True sales studs for maximum sales


"Advanced Hiring walks you through the process, answers every question. The system is inexpensive, which is a real bonus. I have recommended Advanced Hiring System to many people because the system and testing are such effective tools, and I highly recommend this system to you. "

Rich Rubenstein
Konica Minolta